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Focused. Integrated. Applicable.


The company had the vision to create a digital ecosystem for the distribution of insurance, at the time when insurance wasn't even driven by technology. We realized that in such a tech-deprived ecosystem, the call-centre model was prone to mis-selling, attrition, and lack of a consistent user experience. Thus, we stayed true to the intention of creating an unbiased online insurance distribution business model and a tech-driven platform with no human error. 

We have successfully achieved digitization to quite an extent with the bike insurance product. Now 100% of the bike insurance business is unassisted. Also, 80% of the customers insure their two-wheelers under 4 minutes. The objective has always been to make the process of buying and managing insurance fast, simple, transparent and 100% unassisted for the user.


We started with a small team, acquiring one customer at a time and we now have a million customers. We have expanded over the years to cover nearly all cities and states in the country. From the time of inception till date, we have been simplifying the insurance-buying process. 


We are now one of the very trusted Insure-Tech platform in which one can compare, buy and manage insurance policies on their own. While using the proprietary technology and algorithm-based platform, the users can easily compare and choose from a variety of plans from top insurers, understand the main features and then buy a policy that suits one’s needs. As a step forward, we also handhold the customers through the tedious claims process. The journey has been exciting, and the company is energized to take it to the next level.

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